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Client’s Backstory

Where they are

“I want to add audio to my content strategy – I know it will help my business. But my recordings come out with ums and uhs…odd bumping sounds … background noise. There’s no way I can share them with an audience and expect to get respect, let alone clients!

Why It’s a problem

I know I’m leaving money on the table every time I avoid making a recording. People keep telling me I’ve got great ideas and I should express themwith my voice. But I’m afraid it’ll cost a fortune, the editor will take forever to get it done, the quality won’t be high after all that…”

What they’ve tried

“I hired an audio editor – what a waste of money! The editor didn’t know what she was doing.

“I paid a fortune for equipment, microphones, speakers..mostly stuff I don’t need. And I tried to edit myself. The learning curve was awful… it’ll take me six months to get proficient.”


The following services are available.

Podcast Editing

You LOVE the idea of having your own podcast. Either you love interviewing guests or you want to interview guests. You want to continue to make connections and establish yourself as an expert. There is work to be done before and after you record an episode. That work, for many podcasters, includes audio editing, which takes time by itself. In fact, it takes even more time if you are just learning). Lack of time is a reason people abandon their podcast (or don’t start one in the first place). And, then after all that work, you are exhausted, you don’t have time to put energy into other podcast-related tasks, such as promoting your show, so nobody listens to it. It doesn’t have to be that way.