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Outsource Podcast Editing

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Are you a busy business owner looking to amplify your brand through the power of podcasting? Outsource podcast editing and focus on your strengths.

  • ?? an editor with Expertise: As a seasoned editor, I ensure top-notch quality, delivering polished episodes that captivate your audience and reflect your brand’s professionalism.
  • ?? Save Time, Focus on Growth: Say goodbye to the tedious task of editing. Reclaim valuable hours to focus on what truly matters – scaling your business.
  • ?? Elevate Your Brand: Impress your audience with seamless transitions, crystal-clear audio, and engaging content. Our diligent editing elevates your brand image and sets you apart in the competitive podcast landscape.
  • ?? Hassle-Free Experience: From audio cleanup to episode mastering, I handle every aspect of the editing process with precision and care. Enjoy a stress-free podcasting journey while we take care of the rest.
  • ?? Consequences of DIY Editing: Neglecting professional editing may result in subpar audio quality.

Get in touch today and experience the difference!

What’s included?

  1. Noise reduction to eliminate distracting background sounds like fans.
  2. Audio leveling for consistent volume throughout the episode.
  3. Error removal.
  4. Enhancement of interview segments to reduce overlapping speech.
  5. Elimination of disturbances like coughs, sneezes, pops, and clicks.
  6. Minimization of plosives (popping “P” sounds) and semblances (whistling “S” sounds).
  7. Refinement of speech by reducing verbal crutches (“like,” “um,” “you know”) and excessive stuttering, resulting in a polished sound.
  8. Inclusion of your show’s intro and outro.
  9. Inclusion of transition music, sound effects, and additional materials.
  10. Attachment of ID3 tags to the final MP3 file (client-provided tags).

For queries, please contact me.

File sharing details will be arranged; my preferred platform is Dropbox, although Google Drive is also an option.

For each episode:

  1. Provide your content.
  2. I’ll execute the necessary work. Feel free to include notes and requests.
  3. Your episode will be edited according to your preferences and established format. You record your segments and upload them, trusting me to handle the rest. I’ll reach out with any queries.
  4. The edited audio will be returned to you.

How To Pay

Choose from the following options.

one episode: $75

one month: $120

five months: $500

custom option


Want to read some testimonials before yu pay? Here you go.

Dr. Jarret Patton

“Working with Chris has been a game changer!  He picks up on the smallest details of my show and uses his skill to create a polished final project
ready for earbuds across the globe.  He works timely and efficiently to give my show the best sound and flow while keeping it on schedule.  He mindfully
and masterfully edits each episode keeping the necessary character and realness that makes my show unique. His production of my show matches up with the
biggest podcasters out there.”