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Outsource Podcast Editing

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Podcasters can, and should, outsource podcast editing.

Why should I Outsource podcast editing? Glad you asked. You’re wasting time ON PODCAST EDITING. Devote your time doing what you do best. Imagine being able to spend less time on your podcast. Imagine, instead of spending three hours or so on audio editing, being able to spend extra time with your family or have more freedom. Imagine being able to record your audio and upload it to someone for editing. Imagine the joy of receiving the edited audio and being able to upload it, publish it, and be done with it. Let today be the day when you stop imagining. Start delegating podcast editing today. I want you to be able to share your message, sound great, save time, and be consistent.

As someone who has been editing audio for many years, I understand your pain. You LOVE the idea of having your own podcast. Either you love interviewing guests or you want to interview guests. You want to continue to make connections and establish yourself as an expert. But, there is work to be done before and after you record an episode. That work, for many podcasters, includes audio editing, which takes time by itself. In fact, it takes even more time if you are just learning. Lack of time is a big reason people abandon their podcast (or don’t start one in the first place). And then, after all that work, you are exhausted. You don’t have time to put energy into other podcast-related tasks, such as promoting your show. So nobody listens to it. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I can help with the audio editing part of the process. You’ll sound brilliant, and I will Make Your Podcast Fun.

I know how to remove what doesn’t belong and leave the material that should be there. My years of spoken word audio editing experience have made me absolutely meticulous. Editing an episode often takes me hours.

Podcast Editing- Success Story: Kim Doyal, the WordPress Chick

It all began in August 2013, when Kim Doyal of The WordPress Chick podcast talked about outsourcing her editing. After a Skype chat days later, she asked me to take on her editing. We’re still collaborating. She’s really happy about all the time she is saving, and frequently refers other podcasters to me.

What’s Included

  1. Noise reduction, [reducing sound from noisemaking items, such as fans]
  2. Leveling audio, [making sure your audio is more or less the same volume from beginning to end]
  3. Removing mistakes
  4. in the case of an interview, improve portions where people are talking over each other
  5. Removing noises such as coughs, sneezes, pops, clicks, etc.
  6. Reducing or removing plosives (Popping “P” sounds) and semblances (Whistling “S” sounds)
  7. Removing verbal crutches (i.e. “like,” “um,” “you know”) and excessive stuttering for a cleaner, more polished sound.
  8. adding your show opening and show closing, [The show opening is called an intro, and the show closing is called an outro.]
  9. inserting transition music, sound effects, and other material
  10. Adding ID3 tags to the finished MP3 (tags must be provided by client)

Next Steps

Choose from the following options.

one episode: $75

one month: $120

five months: $500

Click here if we negotiated a custom package.

If you have questions please

contact me.

We will discuss how files will be shared. My favorite system for this is Dropbox, although I can work with Google Drive as well.

For each episode:

  1. You send your content.
  2. I do whatever work needs to be done. you are welcome to add notes and requests if there are things you would like to point out. Each episode will be edited to your specifications and established format. You can simply record your segments and upload them, knowing that I, as your editor, will listen and decide what to do. I will contact you if I have questions.
  3. I return the audio to you.


“As a busy podcast host, I needed to find someone trustworthy, efficient, and detail-oriented to edit and format my podcast episodes.

Christopher Wright is all this and more. He is a joy to work with, reliable, and extremely talented. I highly recommend him.”

D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed.

Founder of

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