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About You

You LOVE podcasting. You see it as another way to make connections and establish yourself as an expert. Those who are starting at the beginning, in terms of audio knowledge, and want to add audio to their content strategy don’t know how to do it. So what do you do? You spend time learning from free and/or paid resources that teach the basics. How much time do you have for that? Those who have some knowledge of audio can only spend so much time on producing audio content. You have other things to do, [client work, family duties, etc.].
You need professional help, and I’m here to provide that. You can share your message, sound great, save time, and be consistent without spending time on editing. I help podcasters produce and publish great spoken word audio without spending hours on editing.

In the past, I bought audio recording equipment that I didn’t need to buy. Before you make that same mistake, let me help you cut through the noise. Given information on what you have, I can advise you on what else you need to purchase. It doesn’t take a lot to get started.

More About Me

My name is Christopher Wright. My experience with audio grew out of my desire to become a musician. During my four years at SUNY Purchase, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Composition, I experimented with spoken-word audio editing when I wasn’t working on music. In August 2009, I became a volunteer production assistant for an internet radio broadcaster.

Today, I want to help you offer the best quality audio possible, using the knowledge and experience I gained. I would love to work with you.

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